Genting with Techsense's Family

16 July 2011
Techsense's Family @ Genting Highland

ok geng, next trip mana plak? :)


Noniefer said...

next trip bangkok jom!!!!!!!

zolberlyder said...

next trip jom buat ringan2 dulu.. go to One utama, get to the top floor, there got one batting cage to play baseball .. just hit the ball.. after that, bowling for few frame..
go to makan2 and have a movie.. (that for ringan2 activity)

for the next trip should come out with the better plan, go for 3 day 2 nite, carry backpack. buying ticket train or bus and head to somewhere. :)

Myzul said...

i agree for that zolberlyder..hehehe

Anonymous said...

jom pulau redang