Moon Shot

Snapped on 25 August 2010 from Amanah Apartment,UNITEN.
using kitlens 18-105mm borrowed from a friend of mine. :)

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A step into photography world (part 2)

Hi all, let continue about the basic thing that we should know before we take a shot.
As mentioned before in Part 1, the 3 things are :
  •          Shutter speed
  •          ISO
  •          Aperture

Let’s know a brief about each of them, then we’ll see how it relate to each other.

Macro Shot (Ants)

i barely remember the date i take this shot.
it was at Cendiakawan, UNITEN while waiting for a friend of mine to fetch me to dinner.
this photo taken with Sony T10 using macro function.
at this point i realize, u dont need to have expensive camera to take good photo.
u just need know how to operate them well.

A step into photography world (part 1)

Hey readers, kalau kita perasan.. ramai org da mula berjinak2 dlm photography nie. Cameras are selling like a hot cakes here in Malaysia. Teenagers, ada yang sampai sanggup habis duit ribu just to hang a camera on their neck (ops!! No offence~ :P) but still ada jugak yang sanggup cause they know what they can achieve with those cameras. ok mcm rojak! let's stick to one language.

I’m not a serious photographer nor a professional, I’m just me. A beginner who eager to learn more about this world. People get confuse on which camera to buy, which brand to buy and blablabla~
So, I’ve been thinking.. why not I wrote something to help us understand better on how to choose our camera. Bear in mind, I’m not experts. I’m writing based on my experience and experience is the best teacher, rite? And do read other articles too, understand and compare it. Then u’ll get the idea what is the best for u.


Here we go……

Sunset KL

snapped on 5 June 2010. otw nak ke Sunway Piramid.
sib baik gua x drive time ni, kalau x sure miss! hahaha
yg nie try main white balance. tapi still xpuas hati. huhu.

Direct Sun White Balance

Incandescent White Balance

Fountain @ Pavilion, Bukit Bintang.

snapped on 29 May 2010 @ Pavilion. 
i'm still learning how to take better night images and looking for a better filter to avoid flare.

HDR Testing

snapped on 16 May 2010 at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi.
saje gedik nak try HDR. haha. edit2 gua mmg hampeh. ajar pls~~ :D

KLCC / Mobile Blog Post

Snapped using IPhone on 12 October 2010.
Hangout dgn teri, xoul, sy8 and adlia after dinner.
Testing mobile posting~ :D

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My first wedding shot

snapped on 3 April 2010 during Nadia's Wedding. a cousin of mine.
first time try shoot for wedding. still learning~ :D

Sunset From COIT Lab

Captured using IPhone on 6 December 2010
from COIT,UNITEN lab.

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Wetland @ Putrajaya

 Wetland @ Putrajaya
13 March 2010
time ni baru nak cuba manual control White Balance.


Funfair @ Balakong

snapped on 13 March 2010.
went there with my siblings. saje bawak diaorg jalan2.