A step into photography world (part 1)

Hey readers, kalau kita perasan.. ramai org da mula berjinak2 dlm photography nie. Cameras are selling like a hot cakes here in Malaysia. Teenagers, ada yang sampai sanggup habis duit ribu just to hang a camera on their neck (ops!! No offence~ :P) but still ada jugak yang sanggup cause they know what they can achieve with those cameras. ok mcm rojak! let's stick to one language.

I’m not a serious photographer nor a professional, I’m just me. A beginner who eager to learn more about this world. People get confuse on which camera to buy, which brand to buy and blablabla~
So, I’ve been thinking.. why not I wrote something to help us understand better on how to choose our camera. Bear in mind, I’m not experts. I’m writing based on my experience and experience is the best teacher, rite? And do read other articles too, understand and compare it. Then u’ll get the idea what is the best for u.


Here we go……

First, sit back and ask urself. What do u need it for?

  •           Personal
  •           Hobbies
  •           Making money of it
  •          Hang around ur neck (ops!! :P)
If u want to use it just for personal such as to photograph family, friends and so on. Better u just get a simple and cheap camera. Nowdays, RM300 camera can take a more than enough photo for this purpose. But if u’re planning on saving money, I’ve a better idea for u. DON’T BUY! Just use ur camera phone. I bet u all got urself a phone with camera and those camera are good enough for you personal photography. But if can afford and insist to have one, just get urself a compact or entry level DSLR.

Ok here is something that we can talk a lot. Photography is ur hobby.

If u can afford a mid-range DSLR. Get one!
If not, entry-level are good enough for us.

Next , u need to ask urself what kind of shot/photograph will to do?
-          Do I just want to shoot some random/general photos?
-          Do I want to do night shots?
-          Do I want to do macro photography?
-          Do the subject will be far from me?

All of this will help u to better decide which camera/accessories that u need.

Making money of it
Ok now u ‘re seriously want to step into this photography world. U do this for living therefore u must produce much better photos than other.

Mid-range DSLR is already satisfied to support ur objective on getting a good photos.
U can still get a High-end DSLR if u can afford. Obviously it can get u further than what mid-range can offer u. It expands the capabality(features) of the camera which I’m eager to learn more in the future.

But still other thing need to be consider when getting one of those.
Ask need to ask urself what kind of shots will u do?

Hang around neck

Do I still need to tell u about this?
Hmmm. Ok2. Ur money. U decide :D


Ok now u know what u need it for, we need to know the basic of photography. When I want to take a shot, these are the 3 important keys that I more concern on :

  •          Shutter speed
  •           ISO
  •           Apeture
Now u already know the important thing before u take a shot, what should we do next?


We should wait for the next post :P

p/s – Notice I haven’t mention any brand or model of the camera. This is because I would like to focus more on “how to take a photo” rather than “nikon or canon or sony or iphone” hahaha. but i will touch on each model soon cause each one of them offer different power~ :D

Based on my experience : It’s how u take a shot, not what u take a shot with.

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Anonymous said...

its not about the camera..its about the person behind the camera ;)