Baby Photography #2

Amirul Azzim Bin Ruslan

First of all, my name is Ajim.

and i like to eat chocolate.
ops~! there are some chocolate left between my teeth :P
ops~! i'm just joking. disgusting huh~ :D

it was like i'm in the middle of war just now. people are playing firecracker. bising2~!

but it's ok now. they might have gone to sleep. :)

ermmm. it's 2.20am, what should i do~?

huarrghh~ i feel sleepy. better off to bed.
nite2~! :P


atiqah razali said...

comel nya....nak culik....hahaha

kar-el said...

haha. kan2. dia active giler.

atiqah razali said...

anak sape ko rembat??

kar-el said...

anak maksu.ckp pon kau xkenal. hahah